Saturday, March 4, 2017

Khadra Daahir _ Jacayl Waa Gar (K7 1980s)

I've heard that Khadra Daahir is seriously ill but I couldn't verify it. If that's the case, I wish her a speedy recovery and, in all cases, all the very best.

This is, by far, not KD's best tape but the others I have are so distorted that they sound quite Martian, musically and linguistically. I understand celestial tongues and tunes as I come form Jupiter, but you Earthlings would be lost. Moreover, the lyrics on this one are very significant as they're all about love, mutual respect, tolerance...

This post is dedicated to all consenting adults whose love life is judged, misprised and even threatened by pontificating herds whose common sense is blinded by outdated interpretation of traditions, religions, borders, materialism etc. Love is ALWAYS right!

1. Fagaaraha Kusoo Bood ("Jump Into the Public Square/Arena")

2. Mas'alo ("Conundrum")

3. Ayaamaha Toddobada ("The Seven Days")

4. Jacayl Waa Gar ("Love is Right")

5. Qalbi Gudhan Miyaa Qosol Lagu Godlaa ("A Dry Heart Cannot Be Milked/Wheedled")

6. Qosol Iyo Qufac ("Laughing and Coughing/Mockery") 7. Wayska Xaal Addduun ("Signs of the Times")

8. Awrkii Cirka ("The Southern Cross Constellation")

9. Afka Lagama Sheegto ("No Lip Service/Full Dedication [to Love]")


Another version of track 8 starts at 2:00

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