Friday, November 18, 2016

A Multimasted Grab for The Donald

This is the soundtrack of Damac Adduun ("Petty Worldly Greed"), a play by the '80s theater troupe Libaaxyada Maaweeliska Banaadir. It's fustigating all too familiar and destructive gaping shortcomings humanity has to endure on daily basis. How sad and ironic that an unconscionable, hubristic monster constituting a motherlode of characteristic deficits has just been put at the helm of the most powerful and influential country in the world. It's a long shot, but this petition, already signed by almost 4.5 million people, is one of the many efforts to resist.

The sound quality of the more than 30-years-old tape is deficient, but the lyrics compensate amply. Use the track titles as a guideline.

1. Waa Wareey Waali ("What A Crazy News"); aka Wadnaha Waa Guree (The Heart Has Gone Dry)

2. Beenbeen Maad Wadataa Ballan Iigu Baajin Doontaa ("You’re Peddling Lies and Vainglorious Promises")

3. Hadal Aan Loo Jooginaad Weligaa Haanoodisaa ("Your Reservoirs Are Always Full of Injurious Drivel")

4. Damac Adduun ("Petty Worldly Greed")

5. Cudur Caafimaad Laheen
("A Disease Cannot Bring Health"); aka Cadceedda Soo Bixi Maysee ("The Sun Refuses to Rise")

6. Mugdi Habeen ("Dark Nights")

7. Nin Walboo Arrinkiisa La Soo Ag Dhigaa ("Every Man Is Accountable for His Actions")

8. Inkastoon Doqonoobey ("I Made a Fool of Myself") ; aka Damacaa I Dulee "(I’m Possessed by Greed"); aka Dardaaran ("Testament")

9. Warta Jannaad Waraawin Mayside ("You Won’t Drink From Heavenly Streams")

10. Ha Igu Raagine ("Won’t Last Long"); aka Waryaa Is Reebee ("Shame On You")



  1. This is absolutely mindblowing. I've been here a few times before and I see now that you also have a great bloglist. Thanks.

    1. You're welcome! The bloglist has always been on the backpage but I've recently noticed that it had disappeared and I couldn't get it back there. Blogger bug, I assume.

  2. I hope someone will find the master tapes of these hidden treasures and release them. Trump is an opportunistic exhibitionist without an iota of principles who was saved from the crevices of history by his father's capital. I can't believe throngs fell in his traps so easily! "Won’t Last Long", indeed.