Sunday, September 17, 2017

Faadumo Qaasim & Shareero - Maxkamaddii Jacaylka (K7, 1980s)

Beerta Nabadda Muqdisho (The Peace Garden Mogadishu)

This is the soundtrack of the 1980s theatre play Maxkamaddii Jacaylka (Trial of Love / Love Is On Trial). I don't have much to tell about it as I haven't seen it. Faadumo Qaasim & Axmed Naaji Sacad get together once again as the main singers on the album.

I'm not fluent in Banaadiri dialects and I’ve the impression a track or two may be missing and/or tracks are interchanged. For example, the first song's title implies that it's about the first (blind) date. However, the lyrics are warning from the outset against "the unconscionable satan that's driving/driven a wedge between Adam and Eve / the two [lovers] whose hearts are companions...". Its logical position would thusly be 6 or beyond and track 1 would be missing from my tape; happens a lot in copied k7s. Corrections and additional info. are most welcome!

1. Imtixaanka ("The Exam")

2. Dhabta I Saar ("Put Me On Your Lap")

3. Gar Waayee ("It Is/Feels Right")

4. Arooska Waa Noo Abshiree ("This Wedding is Rosy/This Marriage is Propitious")

5. An Kaama Baaqahaaye ("I Won’t Postpone It / I Won’t Make You Wait Long")

6. Waa I Gooheeyee ("He Cut Ties With Me")

7. Gooska Gadaal ("Hind Molar [Problems] / Painful Love / Lovesickness")

8. Qamartey Quruxdeed Qaymo Qaali Ehee ("My Qamar’s/Girl’s Beauty is Priceless")


Saturday, September 9, 2017

Facts and Fables Compiled

Queens of the 1960s, '70s and '80s
NB: Issue with the BBC has been resolved. Scroll down to the end of the post for the result

The compilation Sweet As Broken Dates: Lost Somali Tapes from the Horn of Africa has been captivating the attention of the international press. As all interested could notice, it’s highly praised and rightfully so. The successful adventure undertaken by the compilers to travel all the way to and around the Horn of Africa certainly tugs at my heartstrings. 

What eludes the uninformed eye and nonpluses the marked soul is, sadly, that the coverage also propagates known and new myths about Somalia and its Hoobaal (ancient Somali Goddess of art/music). I’ll handle a few of the dazzling acrobatics presented as natural facts by the giants of the media, in some cases generously fed by the title of the album and the promotional buzz. How influential these media outlets are is illustrated by the huge number of sources that literally copied and pasted (parts of) their reviews.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Heads-Up: Compilations in the Pipeline

Two compilations of Somali music from the 1970s and 80s are about to be released:

1. Analog Africa is cooking up a tropical stew. I can't give details except this: I initially informally accepted to write the liner notes but, all of a sudden, AA disappeared from the radar. Only to reappear half a year later when I was disappearing under a pile of work. That's why I'm, alas, no longer involved in this beauty.

Analog Africa in Mogadishu from Analog Africa on Vimeo.

2. Ostinato Records: The compilation, a follow-up to Au Revoir, Mogadishu Vol.1, will be released this summer.

You can read more about the fascinating process here and below is the teaser:

A selection of lost sounds from a Somali archive. Travel with us to the Al Curuuba hotel in Mogadishu, the dusty streets of Hargeisa, and the shores of the Gulf of Tadjoura in Djibouti. A full compilation album, remastered and treated with the utmost love and care, is slated for release this year. Some of the songs in this mix made the final cut. We hope you enjoy!

The package will contain a sizable booklet including an interview with me. I think that some/many visitors of this blog are logistically or otherwise impeded from acquiring the LP/CD. I've, thus, decided to post the entire Q&A... in harmony with the interviewer, that is. The yellow texts, videos, audio clips and pictures are not in the liner notes. Hoping for critical and con/instructive feedback, specially from those who are well-versed in Somali music in general or the concerned period in particular.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Khadra Daahir _ Jacayl Waa Gar (K7 1980s)

I've heard that Khadra Daahir is seriously ill but I couldn't verify it. If that's the case, I wish her a speedy recovery and, in all cases, all the very best.

This is, by far, not KD's best tape but the others I have are so distorted that they sound quite Martian, musically and linguistically. I understand celestial tongues and tunes as I come form Jupiter, but you Earthlings would be lost. Moreover, the lyrics on this one are very significant as they're all about love, mutual respect, tolerance...

This post is dedicated to all consenting adults whose love life is judged, misprised and even threatened by pontificating herds whose common sense is blinded by outdated interpretation of traditions, religions, borders, materialism etc. Love is ALWAYS right!