Sunday, September 17, 2017

Faadumo Qaasim & Shareero - Maxkamaddii Jacaylka (K7, 1980s)

Beerta Nabadda Muqdisho (The Peace Garden Mogadishu)

This is the soundtrack of the 1980s theatre play Maxkamaddii Jacaylka (Trial of Love / Love Is On Trial). I don't have much to tell about it as I haven't seen it. Faadumo Qaasim & Axmed Naaji Sacad get together once again as the main singers on the album.

I'm not fluent in Banaadiri dialects and I’ve the impression a track or two may be missing and/or tracks are interchanged. For example, the first song's title implies that it's about the first (blind) date. However, the lyrics are warning from the outset against "the unconscionable satan that's driving/driven a wedge between Adam and Eve / the two [lovers] whose hearts are companions...". Its logical position would thusly be 6 or beyond and track 1 would be missing from my tape; happens a lot in copied k7s. Corrections and additional info. are most welcome!

1. Imtixaanka ("The Exam")

2. Dhabta I Saar ("Put Me On Your Lap")

3. Gar Waayee ("It Is/Feels Right")

4. Arooska Waa Noo Abshiree ("This Wedding is Rosy/This Marriage is Propitious")

5. An Kaama Baaqahaaye ("I Won’t Postpone It / I Won’t Make You Wait Long")

6. Waa I Gooheeyee ("He Cut Ties With Me")

7. Gooska Gadaal ("Hind Molar [Problems] / Painful Love / Lovesickness")

8. Qamartey Quruxdeed Qaymo Qaali Ehee ("My Qamar’s/Girl’s Beauty is Priceless")



  1. Dhabta ii saar is ridiculously amazing. What's your favourite?

  2. Dear Sanaag, you are doing a superb job with your postings!!
    One can not thank you enough for opening that gate to your
    countries music...

  3. thank u very much. waht is the band which is playing with fadumo qaasim in the video? i enjoyed her concerts several times but i recognize nobody.

    1. Welcome! It's 4 Mars, a band from Djibouti where the show took place and her son Maxamed Karaama on keyboard.