Sunday, August 7, 2011


Several visitors requested by mail/comment more of the music I'd sampled here. As I stated in a comment:

"I've many old Somali cassettes but the quality has unfortunately deteriorated; all the more that I've left them in the cellar for more than a decade. Not much I'd like to put up here but I may upload a mixtape sometime in the future. It'll probably take a long time as I've to go through the tapes for palatable sound quality.

Sorry, I don't want to uplaod Chewata's albums as they're easily available. Follow the link in the post or google, Ecosiaze / Znout ( green search engines) the record titles. I'll upload AU IF it's out of print".

Africa-Unite's self-titled album seems out of print. So, here it is :


01 Yowm Yewolaye
02 Hamamagi
03 Enegenagnalen
04 Adrop
05 Al Harouf
06 Arada
07 Gedawo
08 Asotriba
09 Dance Medley: Boladada/Dero Dero Ya/Osiilala
10 Saoui Al Jabana
11 Ajmal Alhilwin
12 Shiwishiw
13 Omdurman

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  1. Thaank you very much. Its truely appreciated - Martina