Friday, November 8, 2019

Heads-up: A New Complation in the Pipeline

Analog Africa is going to release a compilation of Somali music from the '70s and '80s. The reissue is slated for 13 December, but you can already pre-order it on Bamdcamp and below is the appetiser:  
A mindblowing mixture of Somali Funk, instrumental masterpieces and previously unreleased Reggae tunes from the vaults of Radio Mogadishu. We´ve prepared a little beauty for you, a beauty you can Now Pre-Order on Bandcamp! Bandcamp orders will be shipped on December 1st, basically two weeks before official release date!
The LP comes with a 16 Pages Magazine-Size-Booklet and the CD comes with a wonderfully designed 44 Pages Booklet! In that booklet 50 pictures and biographies of the artists are included .....and a lot of passion !!

A bonus track (from this blog, not in the compil).


P.S. (November 26): I've recently seen the liner notes and they're truly fascinating. I read the 16-page Berliner/broadsheet in one go while travelling on the train and when I was done, my initially steaming cup of tea was already ice-cold and still half-full. The booklet is peppered with alternately informative/chilling/entertaining anecdotes and interviews with artists & others involved in the music profession, period-perfect photos & posters, interesting Somali newspaper clippings from the years covered by the compilation, spellbinding accounts of Analog Africa's own adventures in Mogadishu etc. All the above make the album notes vividly alive and captivating. Simply fantastic!

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