Sunday, July 19, 2015

Faadumo Qaasim - Dhabta I Saar (K7, 1974)

Faadumo Qaasim sadly passed away in 2011 after a glorious, socially engaged artistic career spanning five decades. RIP! This tape was reissued in 1992 with 2 additional songs, namely track 5 and 10.

01. Qays & Layla ("Romeo & Juliet")

02. Dalka Nuuriyow ("The Light of the Land")

03. Maalin Walbaan Kuu Marqaamaye ("I'm Permanently Intoxicated With You")

04. Qaanso Roobaad ("Rainbow")

05. Dalkeygow! (Oh My Land!)*

10 Adeeg Yaa Noogu Diraa? ("Who To Send On An Errand (To Reunite Me with My Exiled Lover]?")*


* See this post for the context and a partial translation of track 5


  1. beautiful music, a pity the tracks are taking very long to load. btw what is the girl dancing at the end of the video? incredible.

    1. The host I normally use has lately been malfunctioning. That's why I went back to OpenDrive, which limits the brandwidth.You can click on the red "Enjoy!" to download the whole tape... and the dance is called niiko.

  2. Would you please translate track 5? The music is so beautiful and the part that you've already translated on the linked site is so moving and true for all refugees. Thanks!

    1. I'm afraid translating this song would be quite an endeavor. For one thing, the original version is 20 minutes... and it's full of historical and cultural references, proverbs, innuendos etc. Sorry!